Management Team

  • Ken Tannam

    Ken Tannam

    Managing Director


    Nurturing current strong performance with a lens to the future, the world is changing and this brings opportunities to those who look ahead. ...

  • Hazel Lavery

    Hazel Lavery

    Finance Manager


    Providing financial reporting & analysis to all business functions to support timely and accurate decision making. ...

  • Maria O'Donnell

    Maria O'Donnell

    Retail Sales Director

    Driving the engagement between Origo and our customers, to support our alignment, growth and development. ...

  • Ken Prendergast

    Ken Prendergast

    Operations Manager


    Managing an efficient Supply Chain is essential in todays ever changing business environment. This gives us a competitive advantage that we can pass on to our customers by having t...

  • Julie-Anne Hanley

    Julie-Anne Hanley

    Marketing Manager

    Leading my team to implement our marketing plans to drive sales and engage our Irish customers and consumers. I provide market insights and trends to help us make better decisions....

  • Alan Greene Msc.

    Alan Greene Msc.

    Head of Data & Analytics


    Seeing solutions in data sets and converting insights into strategic opportunities for our company....

  • Ciara Reilly

    Ciara Reilly

    Human Resource Manager

    Managing all aspects of the HR lifecycle, including everything from onboarding and induction to performance management, employee relations, employee communication and rewards by un...

The Origo Team

  • Brendan O'Connor

    Brendan O'Connor


    Meet Brendan, he has been part of team Origo for nearly 20 years (with a little break). Recently Brendan has joined the external field sales team looking after our STIHL dealers. T...

  • Daniel Ring

    Daniel Ring

    Marketing Specialist

    Marketing and eCommerce Specialist with extensive experience in campaign management, graphic design, web design, digital marketing and event management. Provide strategies to help ...

  • Chris Dardis

    Chris Dardis

    Operations Team Leader


  • Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne

    Sales Coordinator

    I support the Sales team with orders, assist management with reporting and liaise with marketing to help set up promotions and offers....

  • Keith Conroy

    Keith Conroy

    Customer Sales & Support

    Providing sales and support to our customers over the phone....

  • Hannah Knott

    Hannah Knott


    Meet, Hannah. She has been part of team Origo for 3 years. Hannah is part of the marketing team, and is responsible for marketing our home appliance and beauty brands such as, Blac...

  • Jennifer Mulligan

    Jennifer Mulligan

    Product Specialist 3M

    Working to ensure excellent product delivery, develop sales, identify opportunities, and working collaboratively within the team to achieve our goals....

  • Eimhear O'Brien

    Eimhear O'Brien

    Marketing Administrator


Who we are?

Origo Experience

For over 65 years we have been bringing leading international brands to the Irish market. We know our single biggest advantage is our team of people. We appreciate how lucky we are to have such an diverse and dedicated team of people in Origo, all working together to be the best we can be for our customers and brand partners.

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Our Brand Partners

We partner with brands that share similar company values to Origo, this ensures lasting and meaningful relationships. Shared values allow Origo to effectively operate as the “brand in country” for many of our partners. As 'brand in country' our team really have an influence on the brands success in Ireland. From sourcing, selling, distributing and marketing we do it all here in Origo!

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