About Brendan

I joined Origo on 23rd May 2011 having previously worked here from 1997 until 2007.I’ve just realised I’m under a month away from being part of the Origo team for the last ten years, that coupled with my initial stint of ten years has led me down a path which has caused me to reflect on the changes that have taken place over that time - not just the hair style!. These days, we are in constant contact with our customers on our website and through email, back then the internet was something you used after 6pm because it was cheaper, that’s if you had a pc and the space to have one!

Since the pandemic began, we have grown used to daily Zoom or Teams chats with our customers, back then I was sent to reception every morning to collect the post to check the correspondence from customers! "

My Current Role Only the last couple of months I have got a new positon, Business Development Manager looking after our STIHL customers. Up to then I was responsible for Spare Parts on our Customer Support Team.

Favourite Part of Working in Origo has to be the camaraderie amongst the staff, there is a sense of togetherness and willingness to help each other which is a credit to everyone

What part of your new Role are you looking forward to the most? I am very excited about getting out and about and meeting customers, some for the first time face to face. Having spent so long speaking with so many people over the phone, it will be nice to meet face to face, to chat, listen and check out their shops. I also know Origo really well and I know I can offer suggestions to enhance their experience with us.

Dream Job Dublin Senior Football manager, although at the moment I would be so happy just to see our local under 11 hurlers and footballers play a match, that day will come and when it does I won’t even complain anymore when our players ask the ref how long was left in the match so they can go home to play x box!

Currently Streaming.. Superstore, anyone who knows me will know that this show is exactly my sense of humour