Attachment tools for FS/FR

With STIHL’s wide assortment of attachment tools you can easily convert many of the brushcutters and clearing saws into soil cultivators, power sweeps, scrub cutters, hedge trimmers and pole pruners.

Ask your dealer for details.For more details check out Attachments on STIHL website.

Ideal for mowing on tough terrain

Thanks to the flexible joint between the engine and the shaft, you save effort – even when working uphill. Innovative technology means that the tool can be conveniently started-up by simply pressing a button on the multi-functional handle, thereby requiring minimal effort. For more details check out Backpack Brushcutters on STIHL website.

Ideal tools for all situations where noise and emissions are not wanted

A mobile, quiet and powerful means of keeping grass under control - the new STIHL cordless 36 V class of grass trimmers and brushcutters are confident of keeping this promise. For more details check out Battery Brushcutters on STIHL website.

For efficient landscape and forest maintenance

They do a powerful and efficient job of mowing stubborn grass and scrub on roadsides and embankments.They are also reliable and durable when working in difficult conditions such as with young tree care. The clearing saws are available in various performance classes to suit different tasks and requirements. For more details check out Clearing Saws on STIHL website.

The right cutting tool for every task

Selection of the correct cutting tool is an important factor for the success of your work, regardless of whether you simply want to trim your garden or need to cut down high grass and weeds. Even if you need to cut away woody scrub or brush, you will find the right tool for the job from STIHL cutting tools. For more details check out Cutting Tools on STIHL website.

A perfect trim all-round

Small areas, lawn edges and the edges of flower beds around the garden are easy to trim with the electric brushcutters from STIHL. Their particularly quiet motor makes them ideal for all thinning jobs in areas where noise is an issue.  For more details check out Electric Brushcutters on STIHL website.

Add the finishing touches

The handy lightweight STIHL brushcutters add the finishing touches in garden care or landscape maintenance. They are the ideal complement to motor mowers and are used wherever the work of the mower needs finishing. Small areas of grass can also be mowed quickly with these machines. For more details check out Light Brushcutters on STIHL website.

Handy and versatile

STIHL brushcutters cut through thick and thin when the motor mower is out of its depth, for instance on steep ground studded with bushes and trees. Depending on the machine's equipment and cutting tool, it can be used for everything from trimming lawn edges to thinning gnarled scrub. For more details check out Powerful Brushcutters on STIHL website.

Comfortable to wear, for optimum protection

Safety is an important matter for STIHL. That is why STIHL power tools inclulde comprehensive safety features.  For more details check out Safety Equipment on STIHL website.

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