Lawn Care

Excellent for dealing with moss.

With its 20 spring steel tines, it gently combs out moss and thatch or leaves. The innovative “Jet-Collect” System creates a powerful airflow to blast everything into the collection box, therefore preventing annoying blockages. For more details check out Lawn Raker on Bosch website.

Efficient Energy Management

Longer runtime with lithium-ion batteries. Extremely fast charging and always ready to use. Full power without a cable, easy to manoeuvre. With innovative grass combs for cutting close to the edge. For more details check out Rotak LI Cordless Mowers on Bosch website.

Resilient and neat.

A Rotak rotary mower from Bosch is ideal for this. It mows with the enormous power previously achieved only by a petrol-driven lawnmower. And thanks to the innovative grass combs, it also provides unique results when cutting close to edges. For more details check out Rotak Mowers on Bosch website.

Deep cutting for moss removal and reseeding.

The verticutter from Bosch with Powerdrive motor and “Jet-Collect” System cuts into the ground and blasts the waste material into the collection box without clogging. You can then reseed the lawn. For more details check out Verticutter on Bosch website.

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