Washers and Dryers

We offer both condenser and vented dryers – what’s the difference?

Condenser dryers collect the condensed water vapour that occurs during the drying process in an easy-to-access container. As a result they do not require an external wall vent. Vented dryers exhaust the water vapour through a pipe at the back of the dryer, which must ventilate directly into the open air through an outside wall vent. For more details check out Tumble Dryers on Bosch website.

Perfectly tailored to suit modern fabrics and lifestyles.

Because every garment is different Bosch has designed a whole range of individual care programmes to make sure you get the best results every time. For more details check out Washer Dryers on Bosch website.

We take the chore out of laundry.

As Europe’s No. 1 washing machine manufacturer, you can rest assured that when it comes to laundry Bosch has thought of everything. For more details check out Washing machines on Bosch website.

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