High capacity with stylish design.

Brilliant masterpieces in XXL format, the new Bosch American-style fridge freezers will easily cope with the demands of a large family, and make a bold design statement too. For more details check out American Style Fridge Freezers on Bosch website.

Bosch freezers keep food fresher for longer.

Superfreeze function rapidly lowers the temperature in the freezer, ensuring that the fresh food is frozen food quickly. Exrtra large storage drawers means you can store bulky frozen goods or stack freezer containers. For more details check out Freezers on Bosch website.

Our refrigeration products are packed full of good ideas.

Those who appreciate quality and freshness in food know that good storage makes all the difference. It is important therefore, to know how best to stock your fridge. Thanks to the clever designers at Bosch there is a dedicated storage space for every type of food and drink. And, in combination with the very latest in refrigeration technology, Bosch fridges offer you the best possible conditions for storage, freshness and hygiene. For more details check out Fridge Freezers on Bosch website.

A place for everything...

On average we throw away one third of all the food we buy. That equates to 6.7 million tons of food every year, enough to fill an 90,000 seater football stadium eight times! Bosch refrigeration products are packed with innovative features and storage solutions to keep food fresher for longer. Meaning that less food ends up in the rubbish bin, which is good for the environment as well as your pocket. For more details check out Fridges on Bosch website.

Keep your wine in peak condition

With a variable temperature range of 6-18°C and UV protected tinted glass doors, Bosch wine coolers are ideal to preserve the integrity of your collection, big or small. For more details check out Wine Coolers on Bosch website.

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