Steam Generators

The Bosch Professional steam generators offer top of the range features to help you speed through your pile of ironing. They all offer a continuous refill system, super fast heat up, high steam outputs and premium soleplates. Not only will your clothes receive a professional finish, the steam generators look fantastic too.

For more details check out Steam Generators on Bosch website.

Complete ironing solutions

Whether you need to handle a couple of shirts or a week’s worth of family washing Bosch has the perfect iron for you: from super-fast steam stations, to traditional steam irons. Every model in the Sensixx range has all the features you would expect in a top-of-the-range iron, so you can cope with anything from crease removal to freshening hanging items such as curtains or jackets, or even seating pleats. All irons have variable steam too – giving you complete control of steam output for the task in hand. For more details check out Steam Irons on Bosch website.

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