Compact Appliances

The new collection has been designed to give you perfect symmetry in your home. Matching control panels and horizontal lines allow you to mix and match products vertically and horizontally. Every detail has been considered from the control panels, dials and knobs to the handles and door design. For more details check out Compact Appliances on Bosch website.

Powerful, efficient, quiet.

Whisk away unwanted odours and vapours efficiently and above all quietly with one of Bosch’s stunning extractor hoods. Brushed steel, coloured glass, colour coordinated décor panels and mood lighting are just some of the design features that make Bosch hoods stand apart from the crowd. For more details check out Cooker Hoods on Bosch website.

Gives you ultimate control

Bosch hobs deliver professional performance and stunning good looks. Our hobs also allow you to tailor your hob to your exact requirements combining a gas and induction hob, for example. The slim metal profile allows them to sit profile-to-profile without any visible links. For more details check out Hobs on Bosch website.


Bosch's range of microwaves brings a choice of manual, electronic and combination with grill microwave cooking methods. The range expands to built-in microwaves where everything from a pure microwave to an oven with microwave combined can be chosen. For more details check out Microwaves on Bosch website.

Imagine having a sous-chef working for you in your kitchen everyday?

With Auto Cook you can! For more details check out Ovens on Bosch website.

Healthy eating has never tasted so good

Steam cooking is accepted as the most gentle and healthy heating method available. For more details check out Steam Ovens on Bosch website.

Hot to the table.

Ensures that the food you have lovingly prepared stays piping hot. No more timing problems as you can keep food warm and even gently defrost items or prove dough. Versatile and good-looking they can be installed independently, below a single oven or in combination with a compact appliance. For more details check out Warming Drawers on Bosch website.

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