Measuring Technology

Truly professional measuring tools

Wherever inclines, horizontals or angles from 0° to 360° have to be measured precisely. For example when measuring roof pitches, fitting furniture or windows, laying pipes or landscaping. For more details check out Angle Measurers & Inclinometers on Bosch website.

Self-levelling professional point lasers transfer precise right angles indoors.

Highly compact design for easy handling, even when transferring reference points from the floor to the ceiling. Very precise operation thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology. For more details check out Point Lasers on Bosch website.

Ideal for professional user who wants to take exact measurements quickly

Equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology, Bosch rangefinders deliver results with maximum precision and reliability. For more details check out Rangefinders on Bosch website.

High-performance, handy receivers for precise transmission up to 200 m.

Intelligent technology with visual displays and acoustic signals, high visibility even in direct sunlight, possibility of fixing to levelling staffs or telescopic poles. For more details check out Receivers on Bosch website.

Precise levelling and fast alignment of objects

The robust and easy-to-operate rotation lasers from Bosch make both indoor and outdoor work easy. For more details check out Rotation Lasers on Bosch website.

Precisely and reliably set to the required work height.

Bosch tripods provide absolute stability on any surface. Robust, lightweight aluminium design and easy to transport. For more details check out Tripods on Bosch website.

Always on the safe side

With the professional detectors from Bosch you will find magnetic and non-magnetic metals, power cables, wooden substructures or even plastic pipes with maximum reliability and safety. For more details check out Detectors on Bosch website.

Precise lines with high visibility for the professional user.

Fast horizontal and vertical alignment of lines: effortless and highly precise with the self-levelling line lasers from Bosch. Deliver precise results both indoors and outdoors. For more details check out Line Lasers on Bosch website.

A perfect combination of precision and robustness.

Reliable and exact results. Compact metal design suitable for construction sites and tough outdoor conditions. For more details check out Optical Level on Bosch website.

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