Ultimate satisfaction to your needs

The benchtop tools from Bosch are the ultimate answer to any challenge when it comes to straight cuts or bevel and angle cuts. For more details check out Benchtop Tools on Bosch website.

Perfect trimming, adjusting and repairing.

The Comprehensive range of accessories offers you an endless range of applications.For more details check out Multi-Cutters on Bosch website.

Bosch is setting new standards in routing with innovative ideas.

Quick and fine adjustment of the routing depth using setting wheels and exact centring of the template guide to the router bit guarantee maximum precision for any application. For more details check out Routers on Bosch website.

Bosch developed the first jigsaw – and has since reinvented it over and over again.

The right saw for any cut: whether precise rip or mitre cuts, tight curves or powerfrul cutting to length– Bosch always deliver perfect results. For more details check out Saws on Bosch website.

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