Ultimate comfort and performance

A new range provides revolution in sanding. This new range includes:  SandBlaster™Flexible Sanding Pads, SandBlaster™Flexible Finishing Pads and SandBlaster™Wall Sanding Sponge. For more details check out Flexible Abrasives / Accessories on 3M website.

For sanding slightly contoured surfaces

These sponges have a durable foam construction which makes them easy and comfortable to hold; they provide a smooth and uniform finish and can be used both wet or dry. More important, they are washable and reusable. For more details check out Sanding Sponges on 3M website.

Cut to the size you need for hand sanding

Sand up to 3 times faster and last up to 3 times longer than conventional abrasive of comparable grits. Ideal for sanding flat areas. Flexible to cut to suit your needs. Provide extra value for money when using a lot of sandpaper. For more details check out Sandpaper Rolls on 3M website.

For sanding flat surfaces by hand

They are designed for sanding flat areas usch as table tops. These sheets feature an advanced backing material that resists tearing and provides good flexibility. They can be used on their own, or with a 3M™ Rubber Sanding Block to give you extra power and ensure a flat, even pressure is applied. For more details check out Sandpaper Sheets on 3M website.

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