RSS Tips

If you are interested in getting up to date information from this webiste, subscribing to our free news feed service is an efficient way to quickly and easily get informed.

How do news feeds work?

Rather than having to visit the Origo website to seek out new announcements or cloging up your email inbox, Origo news can be sent to your computer or browser as soon as it gets published.

Better still you can be specific about the news topics you wished to be sent. The different news feed topics can be seen on the left of this page. You can also unsubscribe the news anytime you wish.

Where do I see the news?

News feeds are collected into a news reader application. You can either download a free news reader or most browsers have an in-built news reader. Once you have a news reader application you can choose to receive news feeds in from a range of different websites - meaning you can sit back and let the news come in without having to actively search for it on various websites.