Brand Recruitment

Message from Joe Cunniam, Managing Director, Origo.

Origo is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sisk Group & has been a successful and respected value added distributor in the Irish market for the past 50 years. We represent several Global brands, such as Bosch, STIHL, VIKING & 3M across many channels and we are currently seeking to expand our product portfolio & customer base.

Our business model is based upon long-term relationships with our business partners allied to a sustained record of strategic growth for our stakeholders. The key to our success is adding value. Our value added activities include the following: Field sales, Tele-sales, Merchandising, Training, Marketing, Technical expertise & training, Logistics, POS, Customer relationship management, Category management & detailed strategic planning with our customers.

Despite the obvious downturn in the Irish economy over the past few years, Origo continues to build market share in several key areas. We are aware that for some brand owners these are very challenging, uncertain & costly times. We are of the opinion that consolidation within the Irish market is inevitable.

We firmly believe that Origo is one of very few Irish distribution companies which is strongly positioned both financially & structurally to meet the strategic challenges faced by brand owners in the Irish market.

If your company is considering now or at some point in the future, a new or alternative route to market, we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss & investigate the possibilities of acting as your partner in the Irish marketplace.

Should you wish to explore future possibilities that could prove mutually beneficial, myself & my colleagues would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss matters further.